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  • Flo in Tribeca got a rejuvenation treatment

    But it’s not Botox. I’m not going to be too technical here, but you might have noticed some slight changes to this blog. Besides some cosmetic aspects of the user experience, its new address might be one of the major changes. Make sure to mark as your favorite, but don’t worry, your old links…

  • Life is a simple journey

    We can build mountains one pebble at a time. The path of our life is simple, but definitely full of tremendous obstacles that are not worth fighting with the time we have at hand. The best and simplest way to manage them is to flow around. Don’t be fooled by any shortcuts; these might drive…

  • My daily run

    As far as I remember, I started street running at an early teenage age once my parents decided it was okay for me to go around the neighborhood by myself. Anecdotally, this probably also aligned with the years when I decided that I would join the Air Force as a pilot. I’m not counting here…

  • On decision-making

    Every decision leads to an action.  Not acting means that you have not decided. Any decision that hasn’t been made just lingers in your mind, scattering your thoughts. So, please act to free your mind! It can be as simple as doing nothing, which might be one of the most difficult actions to take and…

  • What is Keeping Me Awake These Days:

    I’m eager to share the excitement surrounding two projects that have been consuming my nights and keeping me awake. The first is FLOWTIV, the consulting firm my wife and I founded that leverages our combined expertise to make a meaningful impact on the world. The second, Brocante: My Personal Approach to Organizing a Garage Sale,…

  • The Manhattan walks

    Living in New York City, I always enjoy my walks around Manhattan. I love the crispness of these morning walks. They help me to reflect.

  • The weaver

    I am a builder and a weaver ~ and for those who didn’t know, I have also become quite skilled in the art of knitting. We can share ideas about it. Thanks for reading, and cheers to new beginnings, Florent

  • Not a sexy one

    Not a sexy one

    It has been a long road since I took the time to write an article and there was a good reason for that.